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Analytics Studio: Powerful Data at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly visualize data and gain insight into performance…
So you can drive performance.

Trusted by innovative companies with their most complex comp challenges and industry-specific commission plans

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Analytics Studio Lets Users:

Build executive reporting visualizations
Create custom views into your data
Gain insights into your business in a flash
Use natural language questions to create charts easily
Interactive reports and dashboards aggregated at any level
Data exploration capabilities to discover new insights and trends

Powerful Data Visualizations that Help You Understand Team Performance and Drive Results

  • Commission Performance to Budget
  • Sales and Plan Performance
  • Manager Dashboards
  • Participant Dashboards
  • Self-Service Report Creation
  • Payable Attainment Trends
  • Compensation Costs

The Biggest Thing to Happen to Incentive Compensation Management Since Excel

Performio Analytics Studio is a literal game changer. Companies from every industry are constantly talking about data. Well, at Performio, we don’t just talk about our data capabilities, we aggregate it, manipulate it, and visualize it, giving you access to powerful insights. Analytics Studio helps you build better compensation plans and higher performing sales teams.


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